Technology Updates: Window 8: Experience the new computing from Microsoft after Windows 1995

Can Imagine where there Damn technology will take us

Can Imagine where there Damn technology will take us
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Window 8: Experience the new computing from Microsoft after Windows 1995

If you would have experienced the freshness of “Windows 1995”, it was very mesmerizing feeling at the first. It was complete change of User Interface from OS giant Microsoft. Computing was like re-defined into faster and ready-to-swallow way. Now you don’t have to wait much if you dint experienced it at that time, as Microsoft has again redefined the look ‘n’ feel interface of Windows OS and this time it is known as “Windows 8”. You might have read previous article regarding Lumia, so here by Microsoft is bringing similar type of Operating system for Computers aside from Mobile, needless to say that this was the primary idea.
The innovation and new perception which companies like Apple has given to the consumers, has forced every Giants to re-think on their interfaces and way of looking to the Computing. As a result, Microsoft, who was never ever, had anything for consumer with touch screen technology, are about to launch a complete Touch-screen Operating system for the Desktop computing. Talking about the GUI, this time you will get rid of the damn mouse even though you are Microsoft user, since its touch screen era. If you look to the above image, the screen you look is your so called Desktop screen which is divided into rectangular blocks or say “Colorful tiles”. Heart of OS that is the start menu will be no more available instead; all the applications will be visible in the tab under “Apps” tab. Beauty of this interface is the dynamically working of this tiles. These tiles can be seen as a monitoring window for each active app. Like you will be continuously updated with the application say for example outlook tile will be updated with new mails and weather tile will show atmospheric updates. Concept of task manager and explorer remain same but in fact we would not be able to judge this before experiencing the real time hands on over it. Most amazing thing what I found in this launch of Microsoft is the dual-mode usage. Getting clearer, I would say, this will be use as the Laptop as well as the Tablet independently. This feature might attract many user and can this is one of the salient features which may effectively dump Apple’s increasing dominance on tablet market this time.

None of the Giants are going to set themselves back in this cut-throat competition of innovation and grabbing more market share to their bucket. As end user we will always cherish this type of race by getting amazing things for our use and easing our day to day lives. 

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